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Louis Navarrete       



Louis has been designing houses since he was a small boy, but professionally only since 1994, along with artist Ric Best our projects range from single rooms to large houses and apartments across the country. We are a small, hands on firm. You won't ever get different assistants or an ever changing coterie of interns. You hire us, we do the work. We've been fortunate to have established strong relationships with fine craftsmen who understand that we expect a high level of excellence. Having been trained in the classics along with cutting edge Parson's training, we pride ourselves in restraint and disregard for fad or fashion. We work very closely with our clients, most of whom become friends, to make art filled rooms that will be current 20 years from now. We strongly believe that wonderful design should be timeless and above all personal. We don't do the store bought look, regardless of style, our aim is to help you achieve what you never knew you wanted and to have fun in the process.



Louis Navarrete


Flourish Art, Antiques

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